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There are cities all around the globe that have taken the bold initiative to go “green” and implement renewable energy models. As the general price of renewable energy drops, more cities beginning to consider the advantages of implementing green ideas and distancing themselves from fossil fuel powered electricity. A new report released by the CDP in early 2018, shows that over 100 cities around the world now get 70 percent or more from renewable energy resources.


New Direction

This new report tells a lot about the worldview of utilizing renewable energy. In 2015, only 42 cities fell into that percentile. The Paris Climate Agreement was also a significant push for this growth due to its conception the same year.

One city that has been a pioneer in their journey to being entirely powered by renewables is Burlington, Vermont. Burlington is electrically powered by a combination of wind, solar, hydro and biomass. Other U.S. cities have announced follow in Burlington’s footsteps within the next 20 years which includes Atlanta and San Diego. Latin American countries took the reigns with leading with the renewable charge with many of their cities being powered by hydropower.


What Are They Doing?

The cities that were surveyed by the CDP, they found some trends in regards to what type of green energy tools they utilize. It was found that 275 of those cities used hydropower, 189 rely on wind, and 184 use solar power. Biomass and geothermal were also present but not as popular as hydropower or wind power.

Even though some cities like Reykjavik, Iceland went the route of geothermal and hydropower to source their electricity. The city also is attempting to move its entire public and private vehicle fleet to be “fossil free” by the year 2040.

The United States Conference of Mayors collectively signed a resolution in 2017 to pledge their support for a journey support renewable energy moving forward, regardless of the United States’ position regarding the Paris Agreement. It is observed that the broader trend is that the countries around the world and taking measure to distance their relationship with fossil fuels and strengthen their ties with renewable ways to power cities.