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Water power, or rather Hydropower, is power derived from the energy of moving water. Hydropower is a technique used since ancient times. Watermills were used as not only a source of energy but also as irrigation systems and the operation of various mechanical devices like gristmills, sawmills, lifts, and trip hammers. Now, moving water can be run through machinery to create electricity. We can continue to utilize this way of producing energy through one of the primary energy cycles created by nature, made possible by the sun.


Why is it Renewable?

Hydropower uses a source of fuel (water) that is not limited or being reduced in the process of creating energy. The water cycle is naturally occurring in nature and is endless, thus making hydropower a renewable energy. For example, oil is a resource that is not renewable because it is limited, naturally, in our earth. The more we use it and exploit it as a resource, the less it becomes available.


The Process

There are various ways to utilize water as power. All methods, in some way, are powered by the kinetic energy of flowing water as it moves downstream. Dams, Turbines, and generators convert the produced energy into electricity which is then fed into electrical grids to be used in homes, businesses and throughout a given area. There are a few factors that also determine how much electricity is being produced from a given plant. How far the water falls and the amount of water falling are the determine how much energy is being made.

Hydroelectricity is considered to the most efficient renewable energy. It accounts for about 10 percent of the electricity in the United States. Both the U.S. and Canada are both the top hydroelectric generating countries. Countries like Norway produce 99 percent of their electricity with hydropower, and New Zealand uses 75 percent hydropower for their electricity.

This ancient technique of utilizing the movement of water could save not only money but also the direction of adverse impact on our planet from wasteful and harmful energy techniques. This simple concept could help create a greener future for all countries.