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Renewable energy is still new to many. It is a slow process to introduce new forms of energy into society and making them the most efficient as possible. Whether it is wind power, hydroelectric power, and even solar power, these types of energy are becoming more and more popular in use around the globe. There are those who are still skeptical about these new forms of power and are comfortable utilizing old forms of energy. Many of the standard misunderstandings of renewable energy are debunkable.


Renewable energy is too expensive

Two significant players of renewable energy, solar and wind power, have declined in costs over the past years. These forms of energy are the most economical solution of renewable energy technologies for countries and specific regions. The reason for this is that there are no input costs for wind or solar energy. For example, for a coal-fired power plant to create electricity, the plant needs the costly, input resource of coal. Wind and solar energy rely on input that is natural and free.


Renewable energy doesn’t last all day

Grid management plays a part in maintaining energy 24/7. The key to keeping the balance throughout a day is having various sources of renewable energy in different locations of a wide area. This allows for geothermal energy to provide power when the sun is not out. Specific intelligent technologies can then track patterns and demands throughout the day, which provides for the efficient use of different types of renewable energy tech.


Renewable energy is useless without incentives from the government

It is a real statement that renewable energy benefits a lot from government incentive programs, but this is also true for most energy sources such as gasoline or nuclear power. In 2017, the United States gave over $700 million in subsidies for wind power alone but in that same year provided over $800 million subsidies to coal production.


Renewable energy will never replace fossil fuels

Many do believe that renewable energy can supplement some energy from non-renewable energy sources, but the idea that they can return them is often when people become skeptical. Replacing fossil fuels with solar energy ultimately is not going to happen tomorrow. It is a fact that fossil fuels are unlimited on earth. Our world should be making strides to make a slow transition to fully renewable energy, not an overnight switch.