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The city of London has announced their formal plan to source the city with energy from 100 percent renewable resources. London’s electrical supply will be transitioned to complete renewable energy sources to keep up with its title as one of the world’s leading environmentally-friendly cities.

After October 2018, solar panels on top of buildings and a bold investment in solar and wind farms will support the Square Mile’s energy needs. The City of London Corporation’s Policy and Resource Committee pushed for proposals that see their own sites across the city begin to generate their own electricity. This will allow various buildings throughout London to run on zero-carbon electricity.

This not only does this change benefit the city itself but it also sets the international standard and blueprint for other cities to follow in the zero-carbon footstep. City officials see it as their moral duty to commit to a more socially and environmentally responsible community.

London’s 100 percent renewable energy commitment is not an unexpected move. The city has taken major steps prior to this decision to move towards a greener future. They have implemented policies that pushed for more electrical public transportation with electric taxis and buses. Mayor Sadiq Khan has also pioneered the world’s first National Park City in order to increase the number of trees and plant life within London. Khan also vowed to make the capital a zero-carbon city by 2050 with renewable energy being the tool to meet that goal.

Most of these efforts will begin in the historic financial district of the city, the heart of the Square Mile. The corporation, which governs the district, also encompasses social housing throughout various London boroughs along with 10 schools and 11,000 acres of green space across all of London. The initial parts of a wider Energy for Londoners programme, which will invest £34 million into making homes and workplaces across the capital cleaner and more energy efficient.
London’s major shift to renewable energy is not going unnoticed. American cities like Atlanta and St. Louis have also committed to a greener future. St. Louis has committed to renewable energy by 2035. All of these major cities setting the standard of what a future looks like is what will push our global need for sustainable energy forward.