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Michael Dinich

Renewable Energy

About Michael Dinich

For over 15 years Michael Dinich has worked as an advisor at Your Money Matters in Sayre, Pennsylvania. In addition to his interest in financial planning, he enjoys learning about renewable energy—both as an investment option and as a way to produce less pollution. Throughout his life, Michael has been an environmentally conscious individual, and he seeks to help the environment in any way that he can.

Although Michael Dinich has always been interested in the environment, he started to learn more about renewable energy during the past six years. In the past couple of decades as the technology behind renewable energy has grown more advanced, the expenses associated with installing and using the energy systems have come down. There have also been various tax incentives that have made renewable energy an attractive option for homeowners and businesses all over the country.

Recently the tax incentives associated with renewable energy have lowered somewhat. However, they are still sufficient enough that homeowners who install solar panels, or some other renewable energy system, will likely receive some form of tax breaks. The barriers to installing solar panels, in particular, have never been lower. Plus, the increasing amount of competition between companies that install solar panels helps drive the cost down. Michael Dinich currently has solar panels installed on his property that produce solar thermal energy as well as a system that produces electricity. The energy produced by solar thermal systems is used to heat water. In addition to reducing pollution, solar panels reduce a homeowner’s energy bills.

Over the years Michael Dinich has enjoyed spending time in nature. He especially enjoys hiking. Before he became a father, Michael went on a number of camping and hiking trips. While he doesn’t hike as much as he used to, he still enjoys visiting parks with his family. One of the easiest ways to protect the environment for future generations is to embrace more renewable energy options. Michael’s hope is that both individuals and businesses will invest more of their money into alternative energy sources so that fewer greenhouse gases are produced and the environment remains healthy for all to enjoy.

Professional Overview

The best part of Michael Dinich’s work is developing creative strategies to help clients reach their financial goals. Clients don’t always realize the many ways that they can save money on things like health insurance or pay fewer taxes during retirement. Michael enjoys educating clients, addressing their concerns, and, ultimately, saving them money. Today many advisors work based on commission. As a result, they often push certain products on clients even if the particular product isn’t right for the client’s situation. Michael and his team at Your Money Matters pride themselves on taking the time to understand each client situation and crafting a strategy that is unique to their needs.

While the financial world continues to move toward robo-advisers and software that attempts to simplify financial planning, Michael continues to stress the importance of listening to clients and adapting to their individual needs. There will always be instances where financial software can’t properly address an individual’s financial goals. This is why real world experience and knowledge are so integral to addressing clients’ needs. Michael understands this fact better than many advisors, and his “client-first” mentality impacts everything he does on behalf of his customers.